Status of Flagged Bills

Here is the current status of our 2014 flagged bills series

Last Update: March 19, 2014

Bill numbers with asterisks have been substituted

Bill NumberBill NameSponsorPartyImpact ScoreNeed ScoreLemon ScoreStatusLink
HB 011Overdose Reporting AmendmentsRep. MossD455Sent to GovernorLink
HB 015Driver License Suspension AmendmentsRep. SagersR125Signed by GovernorLink
HB 023Suicide Prevention RevisionsRep. EliasonR354Sent to GovernorLink
HB 031Pollution Control AmendmentsRep. WilcoxR354Sent to GovernorLink
HB 038*Sustainability AmendmentsRep. ArentD544FailedLink
HB 039Election Law - Independent Expenditures AmendmentsRep. SagersR134Sent to GovernorLink
HB 041Clean School Buses and InfrastructureRep. HandyR344FailedLink
HB 055Income Tax Credit for Purchase of Transit PassRep. PoulsonD555FailedLink
HB 058Bigamy RevisionsRep. AndersonR055FailedLink
HB 060Interlocal Entity Service ProhibitionRep. WebbR232FailedLink
HB 065Criminal Law AmendmentsRep. HallR255FailedLink
HB 068*Protection of State Park ResourcesRep. PitcherR154FailedLink
HB 069Primary Election Process AmendmentsRep. PowellR333FailedLink
HB 073Living Wage AmendmentsRep. HemingwayD434FailedLink
HB 074*Energy Efficient Vehicle Tax CreditsRep. SnowR244Sent to GovernorLink
HB 077Tax Credit for Home-Schooling ParentRep. LifferthR212FailedLink
HB 078Marriage Defense FundRep. NelsonR400FailedLink
HB 121Air Quality RevisionsRep. EdwardsR455FailedLink
HB 133*Contingent Management for Federal FacilitiesRep. LifferthR244Sent to GovernorLink
HB 212DNA Collection AmendmentsRep. EliasonR154Sent to GovernorLink
HB 223School Board Elections ProvisionsRep. NielsonR422FailedLink
HB 228*Utah State Board of Education Elections and Reporting AmendmentsRep. GreeneR421FailedLink
HB 229Air Contaminant Definition ChangeRep. AndersonR153FailedLink
HB 231Marriage ModificationsRep. AndereggR003FailedLink
HB 235Campaign Contributions AmendmentsRep. PowellR244FailedLink
HB 237Campaign Contribution LimitsRep. PowellR132FailedLink
HB 240Motor and Special Fuel Tax Increase AmendmentsRep. NielsonR555FailedLink
HB 242Fees for Government Records RequestsRep. KingD244FailedLink
HB 244Voting and Voter Registration AmendmentsRep. AndereggR401FailedLink
HB 252*Absentee Ballot AmendmentsRep. BirdR433FailedLink
HB 258*Municipal Business Licencing AmendmentsRep. AndereggR244FailedLink
HB 276Disorderly Conduct AmendmentsRep. RayR154Sent to GovernorLink
HB 285*Alcoholic Beverage Service AmendmentsRep. PowellR354FailedLink
HB 286*Child Sexual Abuse PreventionRep. RomeroD255Sent to GovernorLink
HB 303*Drive Under the Influence AmendmentsRep. PerryR510FailedLink
HB 328Construction and Fire Codes AmendmentsRep. NoelR100FailedLink
HJR 001Joint Resolution on Religious LibertyRep. AndereggR003FailedLink
HJR 004Joint Resolution on Recall ElectionsRep. FroererR454FailedLink
SB 011Election Offense AmendmentsSen. DaytonR154Sent to GovernorLink
SB 012Age Limit for Tobacco and Related ProductsSen. ReidR235FailedLink
SB 019Appointment and Qualification of Members of the Utah State Tax CommissionSen. StephensonR233Sent to GovernorLink
SB 036*Voter Information AmendmentsSen. MayneD241Sent to GovernorLink
SB 039*Home School AmendmentsSen. OsmondR112Sent to GovernorLink
SB 043Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public SchoolsSen. ReidR353Sent to GovernorLink
SB 054*Elections AmendmentsSen. BrambleR231Signed By GovernorLink
SB 082Property Rights Related to Outdoor AdvertisingSen. DaytonR501FailedLink
SB 099*Natural Gas State Vehicle RequirementsSen. JenkinsR453Sent to GovernorLink
SB 100Antidiscrimination AmendmentsSen. UrquhartR354FailedLink
SB 102Service Gratuity AmendmentsSen. MayneD155FailedLink
SB 103*Local Control of Classroom Time RequirementsSen. OsmondR400Sent to GovernorLink
SB 118*School Funding Through Income Tax RevisionsSen. JonesD553FailedLink
SB 122*Parental Rights and Accountability in Public EducationSen. OsmondR433Sent to GovernorLink
SB 128Safety Belt AmendmentsSen. RoblesD545FailedLink
SB 139*Transportation Funding RevisionsSen. HarperR232FailedLink
SB 164Environmental Protection AmendmentsSen. DavisD455FailedLink
SB 167*Regulation of DronesSen. StephensonR143Sent to GovernorLink
SB 196*Medical Waste Incineration ProhibitionSen. WeilerR244Sent to GovernorLink
SJR 002Joint Resolution on Legislative PowerSen. OsmondR531FailedLink
SJR 005Privatization of Government Services Joint ResolutionSen. MayneD554FailedLink

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