Welcome to Utah Political Capitol!

Welcome to Utah Political Capitol! Utah’s newest political news site. Too often our elected officials make choices affecting Utahns’ lives that we never hear about. UPC’s collection of politicos, reporters and bloggers will bring you live political coverage from around the state, and seek to provide greater access for the public. The 2013 Legislative Session is just weeks away, and UPC will be providing  bill analysis, interviews, committee reports and live coverage from the Utah State House & Senate. Every year, more than a thousand bills are requested by legislators, and hundreds become law. Deals are cut, games are played,...

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Terms and Conditions governing all content submitted for publication by Utah Political Capitol: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by senior site management, all submissions for publication made to Utah Political Capitol are subject to edits, corrections, and/or alterations. If accepted for publication, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by senior site management, all content shall remain the sole property of Utah Political Capitol. No material may be reproduced or reused without explicit permission. To inquire about republication, email utahpoliticalcapitol@gmail.com. We do welcome links to our stories from other sites.