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  1. American Mustang is not an advocate group for wild horses as evidenced by his first choice of wording which was to say the 10 states that are “affected by” wild horses. And he did not even know that the new numbers of 130,000 include those in holding and in the mid-western states in long-term leased pastures. He also did not realize that the county in NV where range health is a problem, has not been free of livestock long enough for the land to have healed from the severe damage they do, and making that statement he infers all the damage is done by the horses. There is NO study done on an HMA where there has not been damage by livestock current or past where the land has had enough time to heal. The statement that we would have 400,000 horses at the end of the Trump term is so one-sided, he does not account for times when we had somewhere between 2 and 7 million horses on this continent. And he also completely ignores easy on range management with PZP birth control.

  2. This is not a range war. This is a FEAR OF ANIMAL RIGHTS. When the American Mustang Foundation (AMF) says wild horses are not “managed” he means that they are not killed. He (the chairman of the Board of the AMF) cannot admit that they can be managed on the range in a non-lethal manner without round ing up.

    This is an animal rights issues, not a range war issue. Those in the Livestock indutry are so freaked that managing a “livestock” animal, or wildlife animal, in a non-lethal manner is a slippery slope that soon they will not be able to KILL when and how they want their livestock or their wildlife.

  3. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT: The LIvestock Industry has forgotten that 96% of Americans who pay these 5.5 BIllion subsidies to Ranchers in one year (2013) for disaster relief are their benefactors, their customer and their countrymen. They have forgotten that the customer is always right.

    The Livestock Industry continues to attack our wild horses though only 3% or so of beef is raised on these public lands. The competition for the Livestock industry is BEEF IMPORTS from Canada and virtually every sopt on the globe including Vatican City.

    #Notarangewar. #AnimalRightswaragainstAmericans

    Citizens Against Equine Slaughter

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