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[/pullquote]Welcome to Utah Political Capitol. Too often our elected officials make choices affecting Utahns’ lives that we never hear about. UPC’s collection of politicos, reporters, and bloggers will bring you live political coverage from around the state, and seek to provide greater access for the public.

Who are we? UPC was started in January, 2013 by long-time Utah politicos Eric Ethington and Curtis Haring. Today, UPC’s staff of writers and editors from across the state work to provide you a deeper look at the politics and policy that affect you.

Who We Are:

Curtis Haring, Editor-in-Chief

[sta_anchor id=”1″]Curtis Haring, Editor-in-Chief 

With a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah, and having worked on numerous state and local races, Curtis has had the opportunity to experience politics first hand.

Although he currently works in finance, Curtis got his political start when he interned both at the Utah State Legislature and in our nation’s capital.

Previously, he has worked as the Coordinator for Bountiful City Communities that Care, acted as vice chair for the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission and the former Executive Director for Utah Fair Boundaries. Curtis has also spent several years working on various local and statewide campaigns, most recently as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Mike Weinholtz for Utah Governor campaign.

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Alex C
Alex Cragun, Writer

[sta_anchor id=”2″]Alex Cragun, Writer

Alex graduated from the University of Utah in Political Science 2011. While in college, Cragun started writing for the Daily Utah Chronicle, then moved on to SLUG Magazine, a local music publication. Alex has had the opportunity to interview ambassadors, senators, philosophers and rock stars while working for both. Alex has been involved in local politics since interning for the Mayor Peter Corroon’s reelection campaign and has since worked on several campaigns and politically-related committees. When he’s not chasing tomorrow’s headlines, he is usually found at a rock concert or a bar nearby a concert.

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Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis, Writer

[sta_anchor id=”3″]Ryan Curtis, Writer

Ryan joined the staff of Utah Political Capitol in September 2013 and starting writing about politics in 2006, when his first letter to the editor was published. Since then, Ryan has had more 100 letters published in six newspapers – including the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News.

Ryan loves politics and has been very active in state and local politics, serving as a legislative district chair, state delegate, county delegate, and precinct vice-chair. Recently, he has worked on the Ben McAdams for Salt Lake County Mayor campaign and the Brad Bartholomew for Salt Lake City Council campaign. Ryan presently serves on the board of directors for several political organizations.

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Mike I
Michael Iverson,  Contributing Editor

[sta_anchor id=”4″]Michael Iverson, Contributing Editor

Michael is passionate about three things in life: writing, politics, and the Oxford comma. His first foray into the political sphere was in 2010, when he worked in the communications department of the Peter Corroon for Governor campaign. He has worked on a race every year since. Michael currently serves on various political boards, and is the chair of the Central City Neighborhood Council in Salt Lake City.

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Michael Orton, Writer/Videographer

[sta_anchor id=”6″]Michael Orton, Writer/Videographer

Michael Orton is a freelance multimedia producer and photojournalist whose career spans more than four decades. Working at CBS Television City for seven years before going to ABC and the Disney Corporation, Michael has recently contributed to the BBC World Service and AFP. Michael is a graduate of UCLA and USC’s Annenberg School and a native of Salt Lake City.

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  1. UT Political Capitol is quickly becoming my “go to” source for Utah political news. I follow you on Twitter and check the website as often as I can. Your tweets on the GOP Caucus meeting concerning the investigation and possible impeachment of Utah AG John Swallow were great!

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Matt!

      We have been working hard to keep you and our other readers up to date on all the issues.

      Your kind words remind me (and I am sure I can speak for Eric too) why we started UPC.

  2. Michael is obviously an articulate, effective, and talented writer. However, in the sentence “Michael is passionate about three things in life; writing, politics, and the Oxford comma” I would agree heartily with his passion regarding use of the Oxford comma (except in financial documents where lawyers seem to have consented universally to omit the Oxford comma), but not with his use of the semicolon where a colon is the preferred usage.
    I say this in the context of a new two-step maxim regarding how to start an argument online, especially among writers regarding usage:
    1. State an opinion online.
    2. Sit back and wait.

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