The UPC Show – Episode 282 – So Much Horse Time

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Bob Kubicheck!

In the first half: We get stuck, again, on one topic. This time it is the Utah Democratic Party Chair election.

In the second half: Riverton passes another resolution with no teeth – this time it is about porn! Sen. McCay wants an abortion ban, even if they have inconvenient problems such as, you know, rape or incest. A PAC is doing a great job at raising funds, but spending? Not so much. Meanwhile, Representative Stewart continues to say stupid things.

Other talking points include:

  • Chromebook talk
  • Fantastic Crab Cakes
  • Reverse Sponsorships
  • Old Goalie Curtis
  • What is your zoo budget?
  • Ooooh, aaah, eeeeeh, whooo
  • We Die in our Boots
  • But Democrats Never Agree on Anything
  • Little Billy has Fortnight…and the rest of the internet
  • He isn’t technically incorrect.
  • Goin’ down to the Abortion Shoppe!
  • It is the first act of the Producers
  • Pot Shops are Basically Stage Coaches

For you fuddy-duddies that don’t like the cold open: The politics talk kicks in at 12:25.

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