The UPC Show – Episode 281 – The Most Utahn Utahn to Ever Utah

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Bob Kubicheck!

In the first half: We get stuck on the core item it takes to be Governor of Utah

In the second half: The State School Board approves new science standards and, surprise, they actually were not crazy despite attempts from some, the Utah Democratic Party held a debate to choose its new chair, and the Salt Lake Chamber backs away from a…questionable meeting with lawmakers.

Other talking points include:

  • Niche religious denominations
  • The Landslide Difference
  • The First Totalitarian State in the Nation
  • Looking out from the Eagle’s Nest
  • But What Does He Actually Believe In?
  • God Bless Em’ – He Falls for it Every Time
  • The Age of Cox – He is Utah’s Neo
  • They Can Not Gain the Taste of Flesh
  • Monkies, Wearing Hats, Driving Around in Cars
  • The Pac-Man Theory of Earth
  • Windows Would Be Nice
  • IT’S A LUNCH?!
  • The Royal Order of the Jackalope

For you fuddy-duddies that don’t like the cold open: The politics talk kicks in at 10:45.

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