Flagged Bill – HB 20: Human Trafficking Amendments; Representative Angela Romero

Representative Angela Romero

HB 20: Human Trafficking Amendments from Representative Angela Romero (Democrat – Salt Lake City) is one of those pieces of legislation that fundamentally upset you from the moment you start to read it. Not so much because the legislation is bad, but rather because you want to know why it wasn’t on the books years ago.

Over the years, Romero has worked on the hill to increase (or in many cases, put into place) penalties for those who engage in human trafficking while providing greater protections for those who have been trafficked – even if the activity of the victim would normally be considered a crime such as prostitution.

Romero continues her crusade with HB 20, which would make it a first degree felony to recruit, transport, or harbor someone who has been trafficked specifically if that individual is a child or vulnerable adult and ensures that there is no statute of limitations in place if someone is involved with the trafficking of a minor.

HB 20 also takes things one step further when it comes to shutting down child prostitution rings. The bill clarifies that, whenever a minor is arrested for prostitution, law enforcement will start an investigation to see if the child is part of a human trafficking ring.

Romero has, once again, proposed sound legislation that helps protect some of the most vulnerable in society and HB 20 should pass with little resistance.

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Impact on the Average Utahn – 1 | Need for Legislation – 5 | Lemon Score – 0
Overall Grade – A

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