The UPC Show – Episode 254 – Haberdasher of Lotto Tickets

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Dylan McDonnell!

In the first half: The details of medical marijuana actually come out for the legislature and public, some lawmakers are threatening to kill Proposition 3 if it is successful, the poor and middle class are paying more income tax than the rich, and (surprise) Utah has more than $265 million in additional funds in its budget.

In the second half: Mia Love calls for an ad to be taken down, Utahns are split on if the legislature should be able to call itself into session, and Operation Rio Grand received a less than stellar report from the ACLU.

Other talking points include:

  • Poor Bob.
  • Good Vote By Mail returns.
  • If only the government had a way to get money…
  • So many rude interruptions.
  • Sue the liberals.
  • NOPE.
  • Dead air is better than that topic.
  • The storage white cat thing.
  • The Patriots of Freedom Loving Americans
  • Oh no, we aren’t talking anyone specifically, heavens no.
  • Just a chair, a phone, an no windows.
  • How to actually attack Ben McAdams.
  • Robe life.

For you fuddy-duddies that don’t like the cold open: The politics talk kicks in at 3:45

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