The UPC Show – Episode 249 – Socks N’ Stuff

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Bob Kubicheck!

In the first half: Medical marijuana saw a drop in the polls (but not enough to kill it), one radio station has pulled anti-medical marijuana ads, and wildly different polls in the Love/McAdams race.

In the second half: Did Huntsman write the New York Times Op-Ed? Jason Chaffetz popped his head up to claim that the deep state is real, Orrin Hatch wants to investigate Google, and more shenanigans in San Juan County.

Other talking points include:

  • The truth about drugs
  • Is it horizontal or vertical integration?
  • Stoners vs. Doctors
  • I’m glad you failed.
  • Campaigning with drones
  • People love watching dogs
  • Cheating retrievers
  • You don’t get to write a book
  • Don’t forget, he doesn’t know how they make money
  • An ounce of prevention

For you fuddy-duddies that don’t like the cold open: The politics talk kicks in at 11:30

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