The UPC Show – Episode 247 – The Pipe Brings Em’ In, the Camera Keeps Em’

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Dylan McDonnell!

In the first half: Utah GOP leaders tell Nazi jokes, however, they are concerned that President Trump might hurt Mormon turnout at the polls. Senator Todd Weiler has a plan to help address gender roles on birth certificates, and the inland port subcommittee is meeting behind closed doors (shocker).

In the second half: Big money has found its way into Utah politics this cycle, federal complaints of improper donations/spending have been alleged against both Mia Love and Ben McAdams. Also, anti-medical marijuana activists have a new twist on the reason why it shouldn’t pass and the Utah Supreme Court heard arguments in the Count My Vote case as that group attempts to get back on the ballot.

Other talking points include:

  • How not to teach empathy.
  • He’s an idiot…that’s it.
  • Tooele: a city on the grow!
  • Bodycams for all politicians
  • Clap, you monkies!
  • It’s a boring story, Curtis.
  • I’m not not saying that Mitt Romney started a house fire.
  • The Word of Wisdom says you can’t go to Chinese Buffets.
  • Bob meanders.

For you fuddy-duddies that don’t like the cold open: The politics talk kicks in at 4:15

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One Reply to “The UPC Show – Episode 247 – The Pipe Brings Em’ In, the Camera Keeps Em’”

  1. You guys need to brush up on how campaign finance laws work… What Love’s campaign did with the state GOP is different than what past campaigns have done. Also, her manager is on video (KUTV story) admitting to there being a debt owed to the state GOP. This isn’t a frivolous complaint – this is a very real complaint. One in which a postal inspector – a real cop that carries a gun – is investigating as well as the FEC.

    As for the Love complaint… Y’all failed to acknowledge that the Ben Bus was, in fact, disclosed… It fell under the $201 or more aggregate payee sum so it appeared as unitemized on the report. As for the teenage donations, have you talked to the kids to ask whether they gave of their own free will and volition? Following Parkland is it insane to believe that a bunch of rich teenagers, none of whom are under 15, would give $$$ to defeat the biggest NRA recipient in the delegation?

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