The UPC Show – Episode 229 – It’s Fully Operational.

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and special guest Alex Cragun!

In the first half: Not so small government for you, the state prison was (much) more expensive than we were told, transgendered individuals are a step closer to making it easier to legally change their gender to their expression, and a stand your ground bill is back again.

In the second half: Denver has their first Outdoor Retailer’s Expo, Ben McAdams beat out Mia Love on fundraising, and Chris Stewart’s man brain is too good for a woman.

Other talking points include:

  • Get the disclaimers out of the way.
  • Hacking with floral prints.
  • All the locks!
  • The Senate are different kinds of turds…
  • It’s the opening of ConAir.
  • It’s not a Spiderman Reboot.
  • Would anyone like a Frosty?!
  • It’s a website!
  • Ouch…just ouch.
  • Who?
  • Curtis is a walking dick-punch in groups.
  • Ride the bus and vote Democratic.
  • Capitol with an O

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