The UPC Show – Episode 228 – THE CORNER WILL STAND!

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Bob Kubichek!

We start off with a special interview with Eric Peterson and hear about his non-profit, the Utah Investigative Journalism Project and his most recent GoFundMe project designed to give journalists additional resources to take a deep dive into Utah’s air quality (click here for more and to donate).

In the first half: Proposed changes to UTA could bring big changes to most of the Wasatch Front; Governor Herbert gave his (underwhelming *cough, cough*) State of the State Address. Meanwhile, $9 out of every $10 campaign contributions came from special interests, and Utah are split on if we should have actual beer in stores.

In the second half: Governor (?!) Spencer Cox had some fun, a super bad abortion bill, and flat-out lies about the medical cannabis petition.

Other talking points include:

  • Cat interruptions.
  • If only there were some governing body…
  • The best ideas come from Montgomery Burns
  • A week’s worth of breakfast burritos
  • The Sean and Bob Show
  • Please don’t throw the mic
  • Hooper: Where is it?
  • What makes a train a bullet train?
  • Perhaps rice pudding isn’t the worst.
  • Do you know where Azerbaijan is?
  • Huntsman’s Liquor Emporium!
  • Very Canadian racism.
  • Trust me – you can get some already.

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