The UPC Show – Episode 227 – Bloorknarp Out!

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Bob Kubichek!

In the first half: Kathie Allen made some dumb remarks…again…and we give her the usual amount of benefit of the doubt this program is known for in regards to Allen’s previous statements.

In the second half: Senator Todd Weiler is tone deaf on the issue of clean air, The Utah GOP can’t help but keep infighting, and the Love/McAdams race has its opening salvo.

Other talking points include:

  • Big Train
  • Census Workers are Spies
  • The exchange rate of Curtis Bucks to Bob Bucks
  • UFO’s being real makes the 8th page of the B Section
  • The Capitol cafeteria: just like high school
  • Wyoming: where reporting a death is a half-page form
  • The one bipartisan issue in the state
  • The best way to clear the air: Hold a Clean Air rally
  • Utahns love activities.
  • Sending Rob Anderson a gift basket
  • Sorry Lil’ Timmy…

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