The UPC Show – Episode 225 – The Gift of Olive Garden

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring and Bob Kubichek!

In the first half: $2.5 million was spent on the CD3 race and speaking of CD3…Kathie Allen has thrown her hat into the ring to replace Republican Senator Brian Shiozawa

In the second half: A judge has ruled against partisan races for state school board, the Utah GOP continues to have financial woes, the Lake Powell Pipeline continues to create headaches, Governor Herbert is devoting a large chunk of new funds to education, and how the federal tax cut may hurt a lot of Utahns.

Other talking points include:

  • Bob has a lot of problems with the show Longmire.
  • The Davis County Clipper – Read all about it!
  • C&B’s Water Co.
  • A lung poltergeist.
  • Curtis and Ale’s Coffee Corner.
  • Air Force UFO videos.
  • The role of the sidekick.
  • How to get haters.
  • The key to starting a restaurant: a signature carbohydrate.
  • Cubancheck’s and Haring’s Food Emporium and 501(c)3.
  • Stupid coup’s.
  • Ooooh, don’t give them Flouride.
  • One acre of human.
  • How to get pipeline money: go back in time.
  • At least have the decency to trick me.
  • Call it a season!

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