The UPC Show – Episode 224 – Chasing after the Pizza Truck Man

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Bob Kubichek, and Dylan McDonnell!

In the first half: Sean Reyes won’t reveal anything coming out of his office (unless it is a letter supporting concealed carry permits), and Mia Love gets props for her proposed legislation.

In the second half: All things Orrin Hatch – will he win if he runs? And what about that tax bill? Who does he think is the best president? And who was his buddy with the strange hair that came to town on Monday?

Other talking points include:

  • Food trucks: unexpected but delightful.
  • The best at being terrible.
  • Lawmakers are inconsiderate.
  • “as is tradition…”
  • Dealing with gold doubloons is not always on the up and up.
  • Guns, booze, and sweatpants.
  • The Onion is writing the Matrix.
  • Acronyms are hard.
  • Bob shouts at lawmakers in a bathrobe, cigarette dangling out the mouth.
  • Being an Excel wizard.
  • Bring back the fiefdoms!
  • President Polk – inventer of the Polka.
  • Agoraphobia meets protesting.
  • Trump speech predictions.
  • Smaller bears and bigger stairs!

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