The UPC Show – Episode 223 – N.A.P.P.O. Certified

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Bob Kubichek, and Dylan McDonnell!

In the first half: Sex ed gets a possible retooling, one lawmaker thinks that teaching lobbyists not to sexually harass is a bridge too far, the DCCC has decided to target the CD 4 race, and a general discussion about the election.

In the second half: San Juan County and the controversy around redrawn districts, Orrin Hatch has a potty mouth, and a new way to elect the president is proposed.

Other talking points include:

  • The textbook racket
  • You can’t say the name J****y H*****d
  • “Get better you lepers!”
  • Reverse badness
  • L named cities in Utah
  • A “Dirty Dancing” Scenario
  • Hugs not drugs!
  • A Mia Love shaped cloud.
  • You know who else ate frankfurters? Hitler!
  • Government is magic!
  • I’ve got big thumbs
  • We don’t want fiefdoms!
  • When my throat is sore, I know I smoke Charleston’s!

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