The UPC Show – Episode 216 – The Fifth Beatle

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Bob Kubichek!

In the first half: The Utah GOP Chair is caught between crazy and not crazy, good thing Governor Herbert helped them out by holding a nice little fundraiser to get them back in the black. Up on the Hill there is serious discussion about handing UTA over to the state and implementing a per-mile road tax. Thankfully some people are still firmly rooted in the past – going so far as to “reenact” a “battle” that “demands” that people wear red face…yeah…

In the second half: State money (continues) to be wasted on the public lands battle, Chris Stewart gets a new name for being a turd (along with Mike Lee)…yeah, there are like three different stories on that…

Other talking points include:

  • Dan Snarr’s Woolie Williy.
  • Bob learns the format of the show.
  • The Utah GOP has its own F-35?!
  • Mr. Randy Esq.
  • Serious people and not serious wi-fi passwords.
  • What happens when you remove explosions – magnets!
  • Bob broke the rule (and gets a second take)!
  • Super nice manifest destiny.
  • Drunk liberals in Salt Lake broke bad.
  • Liberals have a spreadsheet!
  • Of course he drove a truck.
  • Why are people turds?
  • Let’s go to stereotype town.
  • The drawback of a nuke.

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