The UPC Show – Episode 215 – The Actual Statement Was “c’mon…”

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Bob Kubichek!

In the first half:  Brewvies can show Deadpool AND serve beer despite the DABC’s wishes (that First Amendment can be a pesky thing); the talk on raising the food tax has completely flipped with the talk now turning towards eliminating it altogether; the two remaining health insurers involved in the ACA want a high-risk pool, in short asking for a really expensive version of single payer; and Lake Powell Pipedream…er Pipeline have one minor problem: they only think they know it will cost billions, and they have no idea how to pay for it.

In the second half: King Herrod basically says that little “d” democratic principals are bad because it makes it harder for far-right candidates to win (so we should keep the caucus system to prevent this); Vote by mail increased turnout…to almost 3 in 10; Kathie Allen makes the bold statement that she won’t take corporate PAC donations – and the boys are unimpressed; finally we close with Chris Stewart saying he is happy to take Orrin Hatch’s spot should he step down (and a debate ensues as to if any of the hosts are in his district – hint: they all eventually find out that they are).

Other talking points include:

  • Bob’s Bar and Grill Reviews.
  • There is no Cragun.
  • I don’t remember the dildo scene…
  • Dylan’s man crush on a federal judge.
  • If you are going to game the system, don’t be drunk.
  • How many hands do you have?
  • Money shenanigans.
  • We have a thesis for you!
  • I would read that…well I would read the abstract…well I would listen to you talk about it.
  • What started the Vietnam War? Was it the Maine?
  • I can’t argue against your silly policy.
  • Method Acting and Voting.
  • We are astoundingly underwhelmed.
  • They spent how much on billboards?!
  • A rebuke of rumors around Bob (though he would love to take the money).
  • Steve Fakenamington has better favorables…
  • Blues Brother’s that bad boy.

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