The UPC Show – Episode 213 – Representative Paul Ray’s Brother, Sugar

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun (his last show 🙁 )!

First off, sorry there was no show this past week, the website…well it blew up, so we had to spend a little time getting it back on its feet. Thanks to Guy Warner for his help!

In the first half: We talk about the (lack) of town halls we have seen in the state over the past few months and a whole bunch of talk around the CD 3 primary happening…today! Topics include: Who should pay for this, Super PAC’s, and Mayor Curtis’ lead is shrinking.

In the second half: Charlottesville, Representative Paul Ray is going to save us from California, and our very own Alex Cragun is going to be the Executive Director for the Utah Democratic Party – hear how he wants to change the party!

Other talking points include:

  • Loose quorum rules
  • Sad goldfish
  • Non-discriminatorily is just a fun word
  • Is there a lawyer in the room?
  • The Tri-pocalypse, explained
  • Where Cottonwood Heights and Moab go, so go the state!
  • Does Superman have income?
  • GO ON – GET!
  • Penultimate “Capitol with an ‘O’ “
  • It’s better than a lawsuit
  • Where is Xur?!
  • Alex’s crazy photo
  • That’s not how trains work
  • One last swear and the last word

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