The UPC Show – Episode 212 – King Herrod

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun!

In the first half: It looks like the state is going to have a budget surplus, but it isn’t all sunshine and flowers, we are reminded that outdoor activities really do create jobs (and muse about the long term effects of OR leaving town, one lawmaker really likes his robotic teachers, and the legislature is poised to hire the current lobbyist of the LDS Church to head the independent legislative research office.

In the second half: Govern Herbert, Senator Hatch, and Congresswoman Love come out against Trump’s transgender “ban” in the military, Utah County is poised to look more like Salt Lake County…in 50 years, and one candidate for CD 3 gets a touch of irony while pulling a “don’t you know who I am?!” towards a judge…while fighting a speeding ticket.

Other talking points include:

  • The Dylan Cast
  • Handing out swear words like candy
  • The underlying theme…Utah
  • Powerd Pevenston
  • The bearded sorting hat
  • Gotta pay for those lawsuits somehow
  • Housing for 30-somethings: It’s Unobtainium
  • Is it fission or fusion?
  • Not cripple…save!
  • 1980’s-Hedge Fund-Chris Kattan
  • Who is under who’s porch?
  • The lesser Lehi
  • You can’t argue with cows

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