The UPC Show – Episode 210 – Bipartisan Harumphs!

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun!

On the show today: Special snowflakes in the legislature react to being told they are old (hint, they don’t take it well). Also, UTA has the most watered down mission statement you can imagine, but, hey, it is a start; and we wrap up with a discussion on how the Sutherland Institute pinned the very resolution that caused the Outdoor Retailers to pack their bags. In the second half we talk all things health care, including the crazy plan that not only reduces abortions…but also saves money! Meanwhile, Mike Lee thinks that health care is the same as car insurance, while 72 percent of Utahns are expected to be uninsured if the Republicans health care bill becomes law.

Other talking points include:

  • Alex breaks his swearing record…again
  • Gary Herbert is silently watching Curtis behind corners
  • “Don’t tell the media”
  • Generic UTA guy
  • “Utah: Trust Us”
  • An alert from the President
  • The choo-choo train or the vvvrrrrrrr train?

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