The UPC Show – Episode 209 – Herberticus Maximus

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun!

On the show today Utah’s Ag-Gag bill is unconstitutional, LGBT groups are excluded from the Provo 4th Parade, Sending in the National Guard could fix the homelessness issue according to one lawmaker, and the Outdoor Retailers are officially going to Denver. In the second half – Will the Gordon Hayward’s trade change the outcome of the CD 3 Race? Orrin Hatch has more money than God, though his wife might be able to get him not to run, and the Bull Moose Party is making a comeback – BULLY!

Other talking points include:

  • We are falling apart
  • The New Podcast: Please Don’t Tell Jill
  • Sad, pathetic bachelors
  • You and your Cracker Jack’s (is that racist?)
  • Republicans don’t care about being hypocrites, Democrats don’t care about being arrogant, and Libertarians don’t care about being winners.
  • Podcasting with sticks to stuffed animals
  • The amazing world of ginger
  • Everyone has skin
  • Gordan Hayword went to Baylor now…which is also on the East Coast now
  • The Uuuuuuuhhhhhh Party

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