The UPC Show – Episode 208 – We Shall Call Him “Tangerine”

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun!

On the show today we talk about the big ol’ mess that Jason Chaffetz has left behind as he walks away from office. Specifically we talk about the spat between the legislature and the governor (along with some scandalous behavior on the part of the governor related to that); how it is probably wise to actually be a registered voter in the district you are running in, you know, to avoid that whole “carpetbagger” charge, and the Utah GOP continues to move forward on it’s SB 54 lawsuit (despite the new GOP chair not actually wanting to do it). In the second half we talk about the serious discussion about getting rid of 3.2 beer in grocery stores, a new initiative has now been launched to make medical marijuana legal in Utah, and Mike Lee doesn’t like the new healthcare bill (yay!) but for all the wrong reasons (boo!).

Also: as a programming note, no show next week – have a fantastic Fourth of July (and Canada Day)!

Other talking points include:

  • Wendy’s has a veggie burger?
  • A Rube Goldberg cat feeding machine is needed
  • Wandering legislators don’t share their fries
  • Why was there a book report?
  • “Squeak” is not often used in the Bible
  • How to un-bankrupt the “ᴙebulican” Party
  • Old Man Haring strikes again
  • Our demographic: childish but also paying attention
  • Sock puppet legislation
  • Make beer great again
  • Curtis’ Rick Perry moment
  • Alex missed the Manti Pageant, and it is the saddest day of the year.
  • Muppet levels of rage

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