The UPC Show – Episode 190 – Legislative Extravaganza! (Part 3)

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun.

This week we round out the three part legislative extravaganza by talking about…

Business, specifically: HB 40 – Check Cashing and Deferred Deposit Lending Amendments Brad Daw (Republican – Orem) and SB 267 – Utah Rural Jobs Act Sen Ralph Okerlund (Republican – Monroe).

Taxes and Government Spending, specifically SB 197 – Refinery Sales and Use Tax Exemption Amendments Senator Stewart Adams (Republican – Layton), SB 264 – Outdoor Recreation Grant Program Sen Ralph Okerlund (Republican – Monroe), SB 276 – Transportation Funding Modifications Sen. Kevin VanTassell (Republican – Vernal), HB 460 – Capital Development Projects Bonding Amendments Rep Gage Froerer (Republican – Huntsville), SB 277 – Highway General Obligation Bonds Authorization Sen. Wayne Harper (Republican – Taylorsville), and SB 29 – Utah Marriage Commission Amendments Senator Allen Christensen (Republican – Layton)

Education, specifically HB 241 – School Accountability and Assessment Amendments Representative Marie Poulson (Democrat – Salt Lake City),SB 161 – Bullying and Hazing Amendments Senator Luz Escamilla (Democrat – Salt Lake City), and HB 212 – Incentive for Effective teachers in High Poverty Schools Representative Mike Winder (Republican -West Valley City)

Transportation, specifically SB 103 – Public Transit District Amendments – Senator Karen Mayne (Democrat – West Valley City), SB 174 – Public Transit and Transportation Governance Amendments Sen Wayne Harper (Republican – Taylorsville), and HB 265 – Safety Inspection Amendments Rep Dan McCay (Republican – Rivertion).

Elections, Specifically HB 52  – Political Contribution Reporting Amendments Representative Brad Daw (Republican – Orem), HB 349 – Ranked Choice Voting from Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck (Democrat – Salt Lake City), HJR 1 – Joint Rules Resolution on Redistricting Standards from Representative Merrill Nelson (Republican – Grantsville), HJR 2 – Joint Resolution – Nonbinding Opinion Question on Daylight Saving Time from Representative Norm Thruston (Republican – Provo), and HB 159 – Amendments to Voter Registration from Representative Stephen Handy (Republican – Layton).

Crime and the Courts, Specifically HB 99 – Bigamy Offense Amendments from Representative Mike Noel (Republican – Kanab), HB 259 – Duty to Retreat Amendments from Representative Cory Maloy (Republican – Lehi), HB 17 – Offenses Against The Person Amendments from Representative Lowry Snow (Republican – St. George) and HB 369 – Criminal Penalty Enhancements for Sexual Offenses Representative Justin Fawson (Republican – North Ogden)

Other talking points include:

  • The British Monarchy is a good way to start the show
  • It was a solid skip
  • Flip switch horns
  • Throwing everyone under the bus
  • Choking people in jest.
  • Final grades (Alex: C, Dylan C+, Curtis B-)

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