BREAKING: Utah’s Senator Mike Lee Denounces GOP’s AHCA Healthcare plan

Senator Mike Lee from Utah has denounced the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. Photo courtesy CBS News

In a prepared statement issued by his office, Utah Senator Mike Lee has broken ranks with Republican leadership over the long-awaited replacement for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Congressional leadership had released the details of their version of a national healthcare system on Monday of this week and will need all of the Senate majority to get it passed. Lee represents one of two Republicans who will be needed by opponents to the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) to stall the effort. “This is not the Obamacare repeal bill we’ve been waiting for. It is a missed opportunity and a step in the wrong direction,” Lee said.

“We promised the American people we would drain the swamp and end business as usual in Washington. This bill does not do that. We don’t know how many people would use this new tax credit, we don’t know how much it will cost, and we don’t know if this bill will make health care more affordable for Americans.”

“This is exactly the type of back-room dealing and rushed process that we criticized Democrats for, and it is not what we promised the American people.”

“Let’s fulfill our Obamacare repeal promise immediately and then take our time and do reform right. Let’s pass the 2015 repeal bill that Republicans in both houses of Congress voted for and sent to the White House just 15 months ago. Once Obamacare has been properly sent to the dustbin of history then we can begin a deliberative, open, and honest process to reform our nation’s healthcare system.”

Lee’s critics believe that the Senator is posturing to deal with backlash from his state, one which has exhibited a rush to obtain coverage through the prior plan advanced by the Obama administration.

2 Replies to “BREAKING: Utah’s Senator Mike Lee Denounces GOP’s AHCA Healthcare plan

  1. Dear Senator Lee …. you used to have my respect … but lost it long ago when you fell into the money game with the lobbyist. Time for you to start paying attention to the people who hired you by voting for you …. VOTE NO ON TRUMPCARE

  2. We can not just repeal Obamacare; it must be replaced. SENT Lee it appears you have become a typical politician…do the easy work and kick the can down the road on the hard stuff. Either repeal and replace or we will repeal and replace you

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