The UPC Show – Episode 185 – All Cats are Libertarians

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, and Alex Cragun.

In the first half: They dun did the thing: Outdoor Retailers is gone – so what does it mean? Also, turns out we have a few extra dollars to spend, but that isn’t stopping lawmakers from talking about raising the food tax. On the hill, “stand your ground” legislation advances and an equal pay bill gets one GOP official in hot water. And, speaking of the GOP, the head of the Utah GOP says that town halls are just too gosh darn dangerous.

In the second half: Bills are coming fast and loose! We talk esigning petitions, removing local officials, questionable rape allegations, DNA collection by law enforcement, and making police body cam videos more accessible.

Other talking points include:

  • Pure gobbledygook
  • Provo is like the Vatican
  • He is with his mom
  • It wasn’t Measles
  • That’s how the liberals win
  • Whatever legal term that is…

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