DNC Chair, Donna Brazile, Stumps For Clinton in the “Swing State” of Utah

14875841_10206301875460505_1830940049_oDemocratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile visited the Beehive State Thursday, holding a rally at Washington Square in downtown Salt Lake City.

Brazile, who took the helm of the DNC following U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (Democrat – Florida) resignation in July, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd.

Brazile urged Utahns to vote, and do so early. “The future of democracy is in your hands. It’s your turn to vote. I believe everyone who wants to vote should be able to vote, and everyone should want to vote this fall. Now you can vote early here in the great state of Utah, in Salt Lake City. So it’s time to get your vote groove on,” Brazile said. Chants of “I Will Vote” permeated the crowd for several seconds.

“It’s so important to set an example for the young boys and girls who are here this afternoon. I am so gratified because one of the reasons why Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine will be a very good, strong team in the White House is because they believe every child deserves not only a head start in life but a healthy start in life. When Donald Trump asked Hillary Clinton last week ‘What have you been doing for 30 years?,’ she was able to say ‘I’ve been making sure that every child has a healthy start. I’ve made sure that 8 million-plus children have not only good, decent, affordable healthcare, but I’ve been working for early childhood education.'”

Brazile’s remarks were preceded by several local Democrats, including Peter Corroon, Chair of the Utah Democratic Party; Charlene Albarran, Democratic nominee for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District; Misty K. Snow, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate; Mike Weinholtz, Democratic nominee for Utah Governor; and Representative Patrice Arent (Democrat – East Millcreek), who introduced Brazile.

“Elections aren’t won by empty slogans or bombastic rhetoric; they’re won by votes. The Democrats are the ones with the solutions, and the Utah Democrats up and down the ballot can make the change we need in Utah,” said Corroon. “Utah Democrats know that we need to expand Medicaid. Utah Democrats know that we need to expand our investment in education. Utahns know we need a state with cleaner air to breathe. As President Obama said, ‘My name is not on the ballot but our progress is on the ballot.'”

“Utah is truly in play. We are a swing state, and your vote counts!,” Arent told the crowd.

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