Gov Herbert Calls Special July ’16 Session


Governor Gary Herbert has just issued a call-up for a special session of the state’s legislature and his office led the announcement by describing the need to address drone regulation during the imminent fire season in Utah and throughout the west.

However, the agenda is crammed-full of business that would otherwise be covered in a legislative session organized for more than the prescribed, 45 calendar day sesh which begins each January.

On Wednesday, July 13, 2016 the Utah legislature (#utleg) will consider the following, according to the Governor’s office:

1*— A measure that would enhance penalties for flying unmanned aircrafts over restricted wildfire airspaces

2*— Legislation regarding a grandparent’s rights to visits grandchildren adopted by a family member of the child

3*— Economic development legislation that would provide sales and use tax exemptions for a qualifying data center

4*— A technical correction to the controlled substance database for probationers and parolees

5*— Amendments to the security of investments in continuing care facilities

6*— The addition of an enacting clause to 2016 House Bill 310, Tax Credit Review Amendments

7*— Changes to the Judicial Nominating Commission which would allow additional nominees to be considered when simultaneous appointments are made

8*— Reporting changes to the Justice Reinvestment Initiative

9*— An appropriation of funds for the purpose of constructing an arena at the Utah State Fairpark

On that day, Utah’s bi-cameral state government is expected to gavel-down at 0900 hrs UTC-6

The move prompted immediate scrutiny and some criticism by local media reporters and watchdog groups that observed not one of the bills have been seen by the public or by media representatives at the time the Governor issued the session call.

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  1. Of course they won’t tell Utahans about the bills, they would be scrutinized heavily otherwise and of course the special session is during the busiest time for people with Vacations and traveling right before school starts back up. Typical political games. Can they just do their Civic duties and be fair to Utahans for once instead of always doing things behind closed doors. sickening this guy has a lead in the polls.

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