The UPC Show – Episode 173 – Cheese Like Substance/Legislative Extravaganza/Hiatus

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Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Dylan McDonnell, and Alex Cragun.

Yes, the UPC show is going into hiatus until after the 2016 election – why? Because Alex and Curtis are both working on the Mike Weinholtz for Governor Campaign and felt that it wouldn’t be wise to insert that much bias into the show (we are classy like that). So we go out with a bang.

In the first third of the show we recap how lawmakers are a cheap date, accepting $30,000 in campaign contributions in exchange for a nice new port in Oakland, how bills managed to rise up from the dead, and how it is possible (just possible) that lawmakers really don’t care about the public.

The second and third thirds of the show are the LEGISLATIVE EXTRAVAGANZA! First we discuss a wide list of bills that passed and then (don’t let this shock you) we talk about a wide list of bills that failed this year – with lovely commentary in between.


And with that, we will see you all for our 2016 election wrap up in November – until then enjoy!


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