Along Party Lines Committee Approves Bill to Plan for Development Post-Prison in Draper

Representative Brad Wilson (Republican - Kaysville)
Representative Brad Wilson (Republican – Kaysville)

With the fate of the state prison now decided, lawmakers are beginning the lengthy process of planning for the development of the land where the current facility sits at the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley.

HB 318 – Point of the Mountain Development Commission Act, sponsored by Representative Brad Wilson (Republican – Kaysville), creates the Point of the Mountain Development Commission. Said commission will be charged with developing a plan concerning the future planning and development of the Point of the Mountain area after the property has been made available for development.

Wilson believes the group will “work together to find some common solutions that will help meet everyone’s needs.”

The commission will consist of 12 people, including two members of the Senate, two members of the House of Representatives, the mayor of Lehi, the mayor of Draper, the mayor of Salt Lake County, an appointee of the Utah County Commission, a mayor of another community close to the project area in Salt Lake County who will be appointed by the Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT), a mayor of another community close to the project area in Utah County who will also be appointed by the ULCT, an employee of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) who will be an appointee of Governor Gary Herbert, and a member of the public who will represent the information technology sector.

According to the fiscal note, the project will require a one-time allocation of $800,000 from the general fund.

The commission will report its findings and recommendations to the Transportation Interim Committee, the Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee, the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee, the Executive Appropriations Committee, and the governor prior to December 1, 2016.

Andrew Gruber, Executive Director of the Wasatch Front Regional Council, applauded Wilson for attempting to bring together so many stakeholders from throughout the area to come up with a plan going forward. “What happens in this area around Point of the Mountain is important for those communities, but it also matters to the region and, in fact, to the entire state in terms of its economy and air quality and mobility.”

The House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee approved the bill on a party-line 6-2 vote.

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