2016 Session – Status of Flagged Bills

Here is the current status of our 2016 flagged bills series:

Last Update: February 14, 2016

Bill #Bill NameSponsorPartyImpactNeedLemonGradeStatusLink
HB011*Referendum AmendmentsRep. CoxR150BFailed in HouseLink
HB013Alcoholic Beverage Event Permit AmendmentsRep. OdaR150ASent to GovernorLink
HB021Election RevisionsRep. EliasonR550ASent to GovernorLink
HB052*Office of Outdoor Recreation AmendmentsRep. ArentD340AHouse 2nd ReadingLink
HB065Exemption From Daylight Saving TimeRep. CoxR500DSent to House CommitteeLink
HB067Weapons on Public TransporationRep. ThurstonR300FSent to Senate CommitteeLink
HB069Qualified Political Party AmendmentsRep. CoxR143BHouse 3rd ReadingLink
HB076Alcoholic Beverage Service AmendmentsRep. PowellR340AIntroduced in House **Link
HB105Human Trafficking RevisionsRep. RomeroD050ASent to Senate CommitteeLink
HB119Straight Ticket Voting AmendmentsRep. ArentD340ACommittee Failed to RecommendLink
HB130Electric Vehicle Infrastructure AmendmentsRep. ArentD340BHouse 2nd ReadingLink
HB131Election ModificationsRep. AndereggR300FIntroduced in House**Link
HB136*Human Trafficking AmendmentsRep. RayR050ASent to SenateLink
HB144Food Freedom ActRep. RobertsR205FHeld in House CommitteeLink
HB176Motor Vehicle Business Regulation AmendmentsRep. RobertsR230BSent to House Committee**Link
HB188Paid Family LeaveRep. RomeroD140BSent to House CommitteeLink
HB195Living Wage AmendmentsRep. HemingwayD250AIntroduced in House**Link
HB246Reproductive Health AmendmentsRep. Brian KingD251AIntroduced in HouseLink
HB264End of Life Options ActRep. Chavez-HouckD143BIntroduced in HouseLink
HB280Autonomous Vehicle StudyRep. SpendloveR130BSent to House CommitteeLink
HJR005Joint Rules Resolution on REdistricting StandardsRep. NelsonR550BHouse 2nd ReadingLink
SB011Cancellation of Auto Insurance CoverageSen. HarperR050AHouse 3rd Reading **Link
SB013State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund AmendmentsSen. JenkinsR130BSent to GovernorLink
SB028Water System Conservation PricingSen. JenkinsR442BSent to GovernorLink
SB043*Firearm Safety and Violence Prevent in Public SchoolsSen. WeilerR230BIntroduced in HouseLink
SB046State Education Governance RevisionsSen. JacksonR450CSent to Senate Committee**Link
SB049*Statue of Limitations on Environmental Code ViolationsSen. EscamillaD050ASenate 3rd ReadingLink
SB059Antidiscrimination Act RevisionsSen. WeilerR250AIntroduced in House**Link
SB073Medical Cannabis ActSen. MadsenR251ASenate 2nd ReadingLink
SB077Medicaid Expansion ProposalSen. DavisD250AIntroduced in Senate **Link
SB107Hate Crimes AmendmentsSen. UrquhartR450ASenate 2nd ReadingLink
SCR001Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Universal Metering of Water SystemsSen. JenkinsR442CHouse 2nd ReadingLink
SCR002Concurrent Resolution in Support of Sales and Use Tax Transactional EquitySen. HarperR420BSenate 3nd ReadingLink
SJR001Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - State Board of Education ChangesSen. JacksonR450CSent to Senate Committee**Link
SJR002Joint Resolution Calling for the Repeal of the 17th AmendmentSen. JacksonR500F2nd Reading in Senate**Link

*Bill has been substituted

**Bill status has not changed since last update on February 3, 2016

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