Flagged Bill: HB 65 – Exemption From Daylight Saving Time – Rep. Fred Cox

Representative Fred Cox (Republican - West Valley City)
Representative Fred Cox (Republican – West Valley City)

Do you like banging your head against a wall? Do you like to sound like you are doing a real good job legislating while making a very small portion of the population very happy? Do you want to be totally ineffective in doing so? Well then have I got a bill proposal for you.

Well then have I got a bill proposal for you: HB 65 – Exemption From Daylight Saving Time  (DST) is the bill for you!

Why? Because we have seen this exact bill for years now (with two slight variations last year).

[pullquote]HB 65 – Exemption From Daylight Saving Time is…well…a total waste of time.[/pullquote]Representative Fred Cox (Republican – West Valley City) drew the short straw this year and now has to carry a bill that has been soundly shot down year after year. Seriously, have a look, the best any of these proposals have ever done is to barely stumble its way out of a committee hearing before unceremoniously dying on the floor – never even getting a full debate.

But, whatever, here goes the analysis…again.

We get it, everyone grumbles when they have to wake up early in March and going home in the dark come November. We complain for a week, and then we get over it.

We complain for a week, and then we get over it and move on with our lives to discuss other important and pressing issues, such as what those crazy Kardashian’s are up to.

But some people (read people who really hate the federal government) feel that this is an undue government intrusion that takes away our freedom and controls our lives – there is probably something about state’s rights in there too – I just don’t know or care anymore.

Hating DST is like saying you hate that a gas station is going in right next to your home. You complain and you moan, but damn if you don’t fill your car up weekly at that location.

Similarly, people have been complaining for years, but the numbers don’t lie – though we may all hate it, we sure do use DST to our advantage. Golf courses alone are expected to lose $24 million a year if we were to do away with the extra evening daylight; Lagoon worries about the added electrical costs associated with having to turn on the park’s lights an hour sooner; Ski Utah’s 15 members agree that the current system is best for their $1.3 billion a year industry; the Department of Public Safety noted a 9.5 percent decrease in accidents when comparing the difference between the week prior and the starting week of DST (though they would ultimately note that other factors may have contributed to crashes – ultimately saying it is a neutral effect).

The status quo works, and the thinly veiled bill is little more than a temper tantrum from people who don’t like the big ol’ mean federal government telling them what to do.

If you will excuse the pun, this bill is a complete waste of time.

To contact Representative Cox, click here or call 801-966-2636 (Home).

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4 Replies to “Flagged Bill: HB 65 – Exemption From Daylight Saving Time – Rep. Fred Cox

  1. What is different this year? Nevada, in 2015 passed a year round PDT resolution. PDT is the same clock time as MST. If Utah goes the same as AZ we will have all 3 states the same clock time year round.

    Also, not mentioned above, the state did a survey with tens of thousands of voters in 2014 responding and a full 2/3 of Utahns preferred going off DST than the other 2 choices, what we have or MDT year round.

    Yes, you can call me, but remember the phone number listed above is my home land line. I can better track your feedback at

  2. Your opinion that this is a “temper tantrum” is a slap in the face to the families of those killed every year in traffic accidents and who die from heart attacks. The science is clear that changing in and out of DST is deadly.

    So, the bill is dealing with the right problem, but it fails every year because it’s the wrong solution. I have a new plan that could actually work. Click on my link above to see what it is. In short, we need Utah to join with other states and get DST fixed for the whole country.

  3. Wow. Your gross simplification, overstatement of facts from one side, and obvious disdain for the opposing position makes me wonder what your agenda is. I am not throwing a “temper tantrum”. I am not a “states rights” die hard. DST just doesn’t make sense. Take a real look at the facts and don’t just quote some industry lobbyist that doesn’t want to do anything that might rock their boat.

    Read the comments: http://business.utah.gov/wp-content/uploads/Comments.pdf
    None of these people sound like angry “states rights” die hards. They are real people with a real opinion that DST is a failed practice.

    How about representing the people. If 2/3rds want to get rid of DST then why not do it? Who exactly is our government representing? Sorry if people don’t want to go golfing at 5 AM and can’t golf until 11 PM, but I am pretty sure we will survive that. How about the cost of DST? This isn’t just an inconvenience, it has real fiscal impact and you need to honestly represent the whole story rather than snidely writing off the will of the people.

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