Becker Breaks Half-Million Mark in SLC Primary

Ralph_BeckerWith one week until Salt Lake City voters whittle down their list of mayor candidates to two, sitting Mayor Ralph Becker once again took the fundraising lead in the increasingly tight race.

In the past month, Becker outraised his principal contender, Jackie Biskupski, by $16,500 – raising $82,500 in the final days of the primary election.

Overall, Becker has dominated the fundraising game. At the start of the election cycle, Becker already had $200,000 in his war chest; since then Becker has raised over half a million dollars, with the average donation over the last month clocking in at more than $575 from 141 donors.

Biskupski had a wider range of support over the same reporting period. The former lawmaker has raised over $290,000 since she declared her candidacy and actually beat Becker in fundraising between February and July by $22,000. Over the past month, Biskupski averaged $300 per donations from 222 donors.

Both Becker and Biskupski haven’t been afraid to spend the money either. Since reporting began on the election, Becker has spent $323,500 on campaign activities while Biskupski hasn’t been timid – spending nearly $205,000 of her total raised funds attempting to replace the two-term mayor. Both candidates dropped over $80,000 in the past month alone to sway voters.

After the pre-election push, Becker still has nearly $380,000 cash on hand whereas Biskupski has spent nearly 70 percent of her funds, leaving just over $85,500 in the bank.

Salt Lake City elections are unique this year due to a never before seen factor in Utah municipal races: Political Action Committee’s (PAC) independently putting unlimited funds into the race. Salt Lake City based Reagan Outdoor Advertising, a long time opponent of Becker, has contributed nearly $15,000 in the form of in-kind billboards through traditional means; however, the newly formed PAC, Utahns for Independent Government (which was formed in late June by Reagan’s President, Dewey Regan) has flexed its muscles, providing independent contributions totaling over $113,500 in the form of billboards for every mayoral candidate… except Becker.

Since such contributions are independent of the campaign, they do not directly appear on candidate financial disclosures.

Becker Campaign Spokesman Matt Lyon, told KSTU Fox 13 that the spending was “unprecedented,” adding that he felt that “Salt Lake City voters overwhelmingly rejected this type of money infiltrating our politics in the Move to Amend petition.”

Coming in third in contributions was Salt Lake City Councilman Luke Garrott, who has raised $22,000 since the start of the race, with just $4,000 coming in over the past month. George Chapman, meanwhile, has raised a total of $12,000 over the course of the race with $10,000 coming in the last month, while Dave Robinson has received one donation during the reporting period of $7,300 from Reagan Outdoor Advertising.

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  1. One major fact Curtis failed to mention: since Feb. 1st, Jackie has OUTRAISED Ralph – an ENORMOUS accomplishment for a candidate running against a 2 term mayor!!

    He also failed to mention he was a paid staff member on Ralph’s first campaign, and has been close personal friends with Ralph’s current campaign manager/spokesman/consultant, Matt Lyon. Oh, those pesky details!

    And, I will disclose that I was Ralph’s Finance Director on his first campaign, and worked in the Becker Administration for Ralph’s first two years in office.

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