Romero’s Sexual Assualt Bill Silently Moves Forward

Rep. Brian Greene (Republican - Pleasant Grove)
Rep. Brian Greene (Republican – Pleasant Grove)

On Tuesday, Representative Angela Romero’s (Democrat – Salt Lake City) HB 74 – Consent Definition for Sexual Offense – passed the House floor unanimously and without any comment from the House members. While this is not unusual for the House floor in some instances, recent reactions surrounding the bill is most likely the reason behind the quietus.

The silence comes after Rep. Brian Greene (Republic – Pleasant Grove) gave controversial remarks  regarding sexual consent during a committee hearing last week. Greene voted in favor of the bill and later apologized for the remarks, even still, the gaff was picked up by the national media cycle the next day. Romero has said she has accepted Greene’s apology for his remarks.

The bill moves on for the consideration of the Senate.

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