Please Help – UPC Needs You

Curtis Haring - Editor in Chief
Curtis Haring – Editor in Chief

Utah Political Capitol needs the help of our readers and listeners.

The laptop we use to record the podcast died on us Saturday after several years of service. We have temporary plans in place to keep bringing the show to you, but we could really use your help in purchasing a replacement.

I have never asked you all so directly for a contribution – but we have never been in as much need.

UPC doesn’t need much. If we can raise $500 we should be able to purchase a new laptop and upgrade some of our recording equipment while we are at it.

If you enjoy the show, or just UPC in general, please click the link below or the one on the right and provide a one time or ongoing donation. 

I can honestly say that every contribution means so much and that no contribution is too small – if all you can give is $5, it would mean so much to myself and the rest of the UPC staff.

Please, I ask you to consider donating to UPC today. Donating only takes 60 seconds, and you will be helping us continue to provide an independent look at Utah politics.

If you can’t contribute, please share this story, along with why you feel UPC is worth a contribution. Any and everything you can do to help means so much.

Thank you all for your support.

Curtis Haring – Editor-in-Chief, Utah Political Capitol

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