SLC’s Open City Hall Seeks Comment As Controversy Around Police Shootings Grows

Photo Credit: National League of Cities

In an effort to get ahead of any public criticism being widely circulated on “escalation of force” incidents, Salt Lake City’s Mayor Ralph Becker has directed his city’s online resources to record input during a public comment period through February 8, 2015.

Referring to the creation of an upcoming “dialogue series” that will involve city officials, law enforcement leadership and the general public, the mayor’s office is attempting to initiate “meaningful discussions of the issues associated with use of force, and in particularly, officer involved shootings,” according to a statement released today. Mayor Becker emphasized, “I’m seeking input from community members to let us know exactly how these forums should look to ensure we’re working together and effectively.”

The public is encouraged to provide reasoned and mature input on topics covering this specific issue and related topics to be addressed at the “dialogue series” events, as well as the format of the meetings that would promote the best, rational, discourse. To do this, his office is asking interested members of the community to use Salt Lake City’s “Open City Hall website” found by clicking here. At the end of this open comment period, meetings will be scheduled with the information sourced from the public. Subsequent announcements will be made after February 8.

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