UPC Show: Episode 116 – Alex Gets a Promotion!

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Welcome to the UPC Show hosted by Curtis Haring and Alex Cragun!

First of all, we know that we said we wouldn’t be back until the 19th…well, Curtis needed to do a better job checking his calendar. Turns out that this week things were all good and it is in fact next week that we will not be able to have a UPC show.

In this episode: Oh, lets start things off by talking about ethics on the hill and then ask the very important question – does the Golden Retriever really need to be the state dog? We also start our discussion of various bills that have piqued our interest, such as Jenkins’ counter to last years Count My Vote legislation, Romero’s broader definition of sexual assault, and Nelson’s proposal to start the process of creating an unchecked fourth branch of government.


Today’s closing song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

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