2015 Session – Status of Flagged Bills


Here is the current status of our 2015 flagged bills series

Last Update: March 1, 2015

Bill numbers with asterisks have been substituted

Bill #NameSponsorPartyImpactNeedLemonGradeStatusLink
HB 011Death Penalty Procedure AmendmentsRep. RayR040BSent to Senate CommitteeLink
HB 016Alcoholic Beverage Event Permit AmendmentsRep. OdaR150BIntroduced in HouseLink
HB 049*Clean Fuel School Buses and InfrastructureRep. Steve HandyR340BNot Considered in Senate CommitteeLink
HB 051Voter Eligibility AmendmentsRep. WebbR010CPassed Senate CommitteeLink
HB 060*Campaign Finance AmendmentsRep. Brian KingD040AHeld in House CommitteeLink
HB 063*Distracted Driver AmendmentsRep. AndereggR410DSent to SenateLink
HB 066Marriage ModificationsRep. Jacob AndereggR105FSent to House CommitteeLink
HB 074Consent Definition for Sexual OffenseRep. RomeroD451ASent to GovernorLink
HB 077*Postretirement EmploymentRep. Rich CunninghamR031CSent to Senate CommitteeLink
HB 079*Safety Belt Law AmendmentsRep. Lee PerryR540APassed Senate CommitteeLink
HB 085Peace Officer Training AmendmentsRep. Marc RobertsR550BPassed Senate CommitteeLink
HB 093School District AmendmentsRep. Craig HallR443BHeld in House CommitteeLink
HB 150Prohibition on Electronic Data CollectionRep. Marc RobertsR525FIntroduced in HouseLink
HB 160Drive-Through Service Usage AmendmentsRep. Johnny AndersonR200DSent to GovernorLink
HB 200Task Force on Voter ParticipationRep. Patrice ArentD440AVote in House ReconsideredLink
HB 245Incorporation Process for Cities and TownsRep. Mel BrownR130CPassed House CommitteeLink
HB 260Concealed Firearm Permit AmendmentsRep. Curt OdaR504DIntroduced in HouseLink
HB 277Statute of Limitations for Civil ActionsRep. Ken IvoryR251APassed House CommitteeLink
HB 313Primary Elections ModificationsRep. Marc RobertsR253BSent to House CommitteeLink
HB 322Religious Liberty Recognition and Protection Act Rep. LaVar ChristensenR325FIntroduced in HouseLink
HB 339Alcoholic Beverage Service AmendmentsRep. Kraig PowellR350AIntroduced in HouseLink
HJR 003Joint Resolution Calling for a Convention of the States for the Sole Purpose of Proposing a Countermand Amendment to the United States ConstitutionRep. Nelson R505FMotion to Recommend Failed in House CommitteeLink
HJR 005Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Protection of Religious RightsRep. Jacob AndereggR000FIntroduced in HouseLink
HR 002House Rules Resolution on Voting ProceduresRep. Kraig PowellR050BHeld in House CommitteeLink
SB 018Governor’s Office of Economic Development RevisionsSen. OsmondR250BSent to GovernorLink
SB 030Modifications to Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation ActSen. Todd WeilerR040BReturned to RulesLink
SB 043*Closed Primary AmendmentsSen. JenkinsR000DFailed in SenateLink
SB 053State Domestic AnimalSen. OsmondR000CIntroduced in HouseLink
SB 060*American Civics Education InitiativeSen. Howard StephensonR340DPassed House CommitteeLink
SB 083Medicaid Expansion ProposalSen. Gene DavisD550ASent to Senate CommitteeLink
SB 087Environmental Protection AmendmentsSen. Gene DavisD552AFailed in SenateLink
SB 099Public Accommodation Fairness ActSen. Jim DabakisD250AIntroduced in SenateLink
SB 100Antidiscrimination AmendmentsSen. Steve UrquhartR250AIntroduced in SenateLink
SB 104*Education Elections and Reporting Amendments Sen. Alvin JacksonR410DPassed House CommitteeLink
SJR 002Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Rights of Political PartiesSen. Scott JenkinsR000DFailed in SenateLink