BREAKING: LDS Church Announces Support For Statewide Non-Discrimination Law

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**This story has been updated. See here.

Late Friday night, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints posted an announcement to its website reiterating the Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage, but saying it now fully supports non-discrimination laws that outlaw discrimination in employment and housing against LGBTQ people.

“Church leaders recognize the existence and difficulty of same gender attraction and acknowledge the difference between having same-sex attraction and acting on it. They censure only the latter, and leaders strongly advocate for understanding, inclusion, and kindness toward people of all gender orientations. The Church website details sincere outreach by the Church within the gay community, including support in Utah for nondiscrimination protections of employment and housing. There is room for compassion, common ground, and shared humanity among people who disagree, and Church leaders eagerly pursue these ideals, both inside and outside the Church.”

Following nationwide protests at Mormon-owned temples over its support for California’s Proposition 8, the Church previously endorsed a local Salt Lake City non-discrimination law back in 2009, but has remained silent on the issue since then, and the Republican-dominated Utah State Legislature has refused to pass such a law statewide.

The 2015 session of the state legislature begins in January, with the new endorsement from the Mormon Church, the proposed law might finally have a chance.

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  1. It is a blessing that the Church recognizes homosexuality. It is too bad that it recognizes such as a defect or flaw. I am gay. I am a Mormon. And, I am married to my same sex partner. When the Church recognizes that my union is a loving marriage, that as a couple we contribute and serve our community and that we are loved by God, the Church will have FINALLY recognized God’s hand in who I am and who I will become.

    1. The church recognizes all humans as flawed, no one is perfect. The church does recognize homosexuality as a sin, and so does God. You may recognize God’s hand in your life, but do you recognize his answers and have you ever asked Him if whether homosexuality is a sin? Of course God loves you and He will not judge you where you are at in this mortal life, and nor should anyone else. The judgement is in the next life and based on whether you made the decision to stop sinning. Sinners are not people who aren’t loveable, otherwise God wouldn’t love any of us. But you are deceived if you think God is changing his mind on what is a sin and what isn’t. This life isn’t supposed to be easy friend, nor is overcoming sin.

    2. I agree that the church has made strides forward in terms of how it deals with same gender attraction. But it has ALWAYS been a doctrine, that acting on any kind of sexual feelings in an inappropriate way outside of marriage is immoral and an abuse of gods gift of procreation. In addition it has always been a doctrine that marriage is suppose to be between man and women, and that gender plays a major role in our eternal lives…. These things will never change as they are doctrine not simply one persons understanding or interpretation. Same gender attraction is not a sin, it is simply a reality, and a struggle that some people have to find a way to live with in a fallen world. everyone has struggles, this is one of theirs. Acting on those feelings outside of marriage as defined by God, not man, is unhealthy to the human psyche, and therefor god warns us against it as it will not lead to the greatest measure of happiness that can be found in the life to come.

    3. Hi Jeff,

      I felt compelled to respond to your comment. I’m not gay, so I may not see this topic from your perspective the same as you do. But I don’t believe that the church views same-sex attraction as a defect. There are some members of the church who do, but they do not speak on behalf of the church. Your marriage will be recognized by the church so long as it is legally recognized. And it is true you would, and probably are, encouraged to not act on the same-sex attraction that you feel. I believe you when you say you are in a loving relationship and a good community member. I believe that you are and should be loved by fellow church members as if you were strait. This may or may not be the case for you. As Mormons, we have been taught that marriage is ordained of God to remain between a man and a woman. Unless that gospel principal changes, which could happen but is unlikely, we will continue to believe that marriage is a sacred ordinance between one man and one woman with no other additions or combinations. I believe God loves each and every one of us regardless of sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender, etc. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. He loves you and He has had a hand in who you are and who you will become. I wish you well.

    4. The church has recognized blacks marrying whites as a sin and has changed that position… Our LDS god has changed his position on many things in the past… Who knows what the future holds. Women used to use the priesthood to bless their children and to heal the sick… Within the LDS church. I still have hope that as time goes on thing will change and you will be welcomed within the church. Promiscuous womanizing guys and girls who go to singles wards every Sunday morning are viewed in a far more positive light within the church as their sins are their own… A couple who are committed to each other and love one another but who are gay… are disparaged. That will change… I would NEVER give my blessing for you to marry my daughter. There are too many gay men within the church who have married women and then realized they just could not continue to pretend. That being the case… I also think forcing you to live a life alone would be cruel and immoral. I am glad you have found a partner to love and to live your life with.

    5. I like this become I am gay and I am in the ysa ward and me and this guy was dating for 7 months and I truly love him and hes my soul mate and we both want the church to see how TRULY happy we are

    6. Marriage between one man and one woman is God ordained. It is right and good. It behooves all of us who love God to obey His commandments.

      We must not create a convenience for ourselves where justification becomes and is the feeding ground for disobedience to any commandment, even if others may be participating.

      While much good is done in the world by those who have same gender attraction, we must not confuse those good deeds done in the flesh as part of our personal puzzle of to justify sin.

  2. I can’t find this on the church’s newsroom. The link goes to a beta site. I am afraid it is not true? Please clarify if you have information that proves the church really released this statement of support of the state-wide non-discrimination laws.

  3. Evil, Nazi pseudo-Christian Mormon Church top controlling leaders (aka the Mormon Church) finally admit that their prior public support for state-wide non-discrimination laws protecting LGBTs was always just an evil lie. Remember, when these leaders claim to take a position that the overwhelmingly Mormon Utah legislature opposes, they are always lying and are in fact dictating the position those legislators are to take. They are speaking with forked tongue. They are always speaking with forked tongues.

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