UPC Show: Episode 114 – Apparently Democrats Don’t Have Power in Utah

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Welcome to the UPC Show!

This week Curtis is joined by UPC writer Alex Cragun.

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So, the governor proposed a budget that helps education – great news, expect the legislature would like to see the one time funds go towards transportation. Also, Dem’s had a chance to actually block something, but chose instead to back away from a vote. We speculate that this is a sign of things to come for at least the next two years.

Speaking of Democrats, the Executive Director of the Democratic Party, Matt Lyon, is stepping away from the position. We talk about his tenure and wonder where the Dem’s need to go next.

Finally, there is talk of moving the homeless shelter to the middle of the Salt Lake Valley – good idea or is it just rich people pushing those in need out?


Today’s closing song: Weak and Powerless – A Perfect Circle

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