UPC Show: Episode 113 – I Like Peanuts

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Welcome to the UPC Show!

This week Curtis is joined by UPC writer Alex Cragun and special guest, Jeff Bell of The Left Show, Hold 322, and Tell Me a Story.

We are back from our giving of thanks vacation, and as we kick things off, we once again want to remind you that we are participating in a fundraising drive known as Podcast Phil. Please consider contributing to a family in need as well as the Urban Indian Center this holiday season.

In this episode: Yes, we can afford to take over all federal lands…but it is going to mean some hefty tax increases; nevermind the fact that the state now has to defend itself against the Utah GOP (yes, Republicans are now suing Republicans), and their Anti-Count My Vote lawsuit. In the second half: NO HEALTH CARE FOR YOU! Oh well, at least you will have a prison in your back yard.


Today’s closing song: Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy

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