Election Day Resources


In case you missed it, today is Election Day. Here are a few resources to assist you when you decide to go to the polls.

Get a sample ballot

Find your polling location

Remember: You can register to vote today in Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, Sanpete, and Kane Counties.

Voting rights and rules:

  • If you are not on the voting rosters, you can ask for a provisional ballot and vote – those in the above counties can re-register.
  • You can only vote at your designated polling location on Election Day.
  • Polls close at 8:00 PM.
  • If you are in line at 8:00 PM, you will be allowed to vote.
  • You do not need to vote in every race in order to have your vote count.
  • You have the right to a qualified reader, large print or braille ballot, or other ADA approved devices.
  • You may research candidates on your phone while voting.
  • There is no time limit when voting.
  • Individuals can assist you in the act of voting, however they can not tell you who to vote for.

Now get out and vote!


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