The Primer: Season 1, Episode 4 – Voting and the Petition Process

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For this episode, UPC writer Alex Cragun and UPC researcher Dave McGee join Curtis to discuss voting and the petition process.

In the first half of the show Alex breaks down the requirements for voting in Utah along with a recap of SB 54, which changed the way candidates can actually appear on the ballot. In the second half, Curtis breaks down the difference between a petition, initiative, and a referendum, and explains the four main steps to have a successful initiative or referendum (it is nice and complicated).


Links: – register to vote, find your polling location, and find out who is on your ballot.

Initiative rules for Utah

Referendum rules for Utah

Off the cuff remarks requiring correction or clarification:

  • The four counties allowing early voting are:Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Kane
  • For initiatives, you are required to collect 10% of all votes cast for president and 10% of all registered voters in 26 out of 29 state senate districts.
  • For referendum, you are required to collect 10% of all votes cast for president and 10% of all votes cast for president in 26 out of 29 counties.

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