UPC Show: Episode 102: Woe…or is that Woah?

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Welcome to the UPC Show!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC writer Alex Cragun.

This week, UPC catches you up on the latest news regarding Amendment 3 (because, hey, we can’t seem to have a show without it), and discuss the various amici curiae that have been sent to the Supreme Court…including one from the LDS Church. And, hey, while we are discussing the constitutionality of things, Utah’s selection process for choosing state school board members has been deemed unconstitutional by the 10th circuit court.

After a very silly break involving turribul Karl Malone impressions (pay a buck to hear it by clicking the donate button below and get the link) we pick back up by discussing Salt Lake City’s decision to give an additional $3 million in funding expansion of the S Line, how the fund of funds is in trouble (and how taxpayers may be stuck holding the bag), and who $13,000 plus in misreported campaign contributions for Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder’s may cause problems for his campaign manager, Jackie Biskupski.


Today’s closing song: Bus Stop – The Hollies

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