The Primer: Season 1, Episode 1 – Alcohol in Utah

Welcome to the first episode of The Primer!

Yes, The Primer: A Cheat Sheet on the Beehive State, is the handy guide to the politics and policy that have and continue to shape Utah.

In this inaugural episode, we ask the important question: “can you get a drink in Utah?”

Well, the short answer is yes and the long answer is that you have to know how.

Utah Political Capitol Editor-in-Chief Curtis Haring, UPC researcher Dave McGee, and UPC writer Alex Cragun go over the history of alcohol in Utah (yes, Brigham Young had a distillery, no he did not produce any alcohol; yes utah cast the deciding vote to end prohibition…as well as passing its own statewide prohibition two years prior to the nation passing the 18th Amendment; and that Mark Twain commented on a Valley Tan that featured, among other things, ephedrine – the old timey version of Four Loko).

We also look at the modern makeup of Utah liquor laws, explain the various types of liquor licences that exist in the state, what a $10 bottle of booze actually buys, how the Zion Curtain came to be, and explain what the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (DABC) actually is.


Today’s closing song: Alcohol – Barenaked Ladies

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2 Replies to “The Primer: Season 1, Episode 1 – Alcohol in Utah

  1. So, in the show, when you were talking about bottles of wine…. You said that you have to have 4 people to get a bottle of wine. But, I think it’s actually that 2 people can get a bottle, but to get a second bottle, you need 4 people. I’ve gotten a bottle with just me and one adult many times. Or maybe you did say it right, and I misheard.

    I’d be interested to see how many people had corrections in the show, and how many were right. Utah’s laws are so convoluted!

    Great show, looking forward to more of these!

    1. Misty –

      Sorry, to clarify. State code states that “Wine may be sold and served by the bottle or container in sizes not exceeding 1.5 liters to tables of four or more. For tables of less than four, the size can not be larger than 750 ml”

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