UPC Show: Episode 100 – The Pleasant Bigot

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Welcome to the UPC Show!

Welcome to the 100th episode of the UPC Show!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC writer Alex Cragun and UPC researcher Dave McGee.

First off, we are happy to announce that our newest show, The Primer, will be coming out this Wednesday. Our topic: Alcohol and Utah. Good times were had, and we hope you have a listen.

For this centennial episode the gang takes a look at the apparent cognitive dissonance between two recent polls that show a) Utahns like Amendment 3, b) Utahns expect to lose the Amendment 3 case when presented to the Supreme Court, and c) Utahns also support a statewide non-discrimination ordinance. We also talk about Utah GOP Chair, James Evans, suggesting to Republican candidates that they avoid certain debates.

In the second half, we take a look at how outgoing Speaker of the House, Becky Lockhart, has thrown her hat into the ring to become Utah’s next state superintendent to public education, and how it will change the race for governor in 2016 (there may have also been a few snarky remarks about potential iPad apps that could appear in our schools if Lockhart is successful).

We close with a discussion on state supremacy and if the state legislature overstepped its “local control is important” credo when passing a state law that says that only the state may dictate gun policy.

And, with our 100th episode, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank UPC founder Eric Ethington; UPC writers: Ryan Carrillo, Alex Cragun, Ryan Curtis, Harvest Daurelle, Michael Orton, and Lynn Packer; UPC editors Jill Haring and Michael Iverson; and UPC researcher Dave McGee. We also thank guest of the UPC show and those that have donated to UPC and contributed opinion pieces to the website – thank you all!

Enjoy the show and be sure to catch The Primer on Wednesday.

Today’s closing song: Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

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