UPC Show: Episode 92 – Utah Liquor Laws are Embarrassing and Confusing?!

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Welcome to show two of two this week!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC writer, Alex Cragun and UPC editor, Michael Iverson.

We invaded the K-Talk studios this week, so you get double the UPC.

In this show we were shocked to report that Utah’s liquor laws were creating confusion both inside and outside of the state, lawmakers don’t want healthcare, and that Utah has a veeeeeerrrrry small chance of actually being successful in getting our federal lands back and propose an alternate reason for the big push being that some powerful lawmakers are financially benefiting from said push. We also hit on Utah’s “show me your papers” immigration law largely being shot down and the fact that UDOT is asking for $1 Billion in bonds to build new roads while other roads continue to degrade.

Be sure not to miss our first show too!

Today’s closing song: Drive My Car – The Beatles

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One Reply to “UPC Show: Episode 92 – Utah Liquor Laws are Embarrassing and Confusing?!”

  1. I take issue with the phrase “getting our federal lands back”. Unless you count Brigham Young’s State of Deseret, which was never recognized by anybody else, there was never any time in history when the current inventory of federal land belonged to the Territory or State of Utah. It has been Federal land since it was acquired from Mexico in 1848 at the end of the Mexican-American War.

    You can’t get something back that you never owned in the first place. Using that phraseology is an example of how the anti-government rhetoric and revisionist history of the conservatives in Utah have pushed facts out of the debate.

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