UPC Show: Episode 88 – Don’t You Know Who I Am?!

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Welcome to this week’s first show (yes, there are two shows this week)!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC researcher Dave McGee along with UPC writers Michael Orton and Ryan Curtis. 

The Shurtleff/Swallow warrants top our show, along with the possibility that Shurtleff may have expected better treatment from law enforcement when compared to the average Joe. We also discuss the McAleer/Bishop and Love/Owens match ups along with Senator Hatch keeping the door open for an 8th (that would 48 years by the end of the next term in case you were wondering). We wrap the show with a discussion about federalism and Representative Ivory’s eagerness to take back our lands.

Catch Part 2 here!

Today’s closing song: Ebony and Ivory – Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

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