UPC Show: Episode 78 – Wait, Minorities Have it Bad Here?!

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Welcome to this weeks show!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC researcher, Dave McGee and UPC writer Alex Cragun.

We are breaking this one up folks! In the first half, we talk about Governor Gary Herbert’s various veto’s, how minority children are not well off in this state both overall and relative to other states, and how, despite this, the largest minority population in the state, Hispanics, are strong contributors to the economy. We wrap with a discussion of former Salt Lake County Mayor, Peter Corroon, and his bid for chairman of the Utah Democratic Party.

We are splitting up the episode because in the second half of the show, we have a fascinating, but long, conversation about the Ordain Women Movement that, franky, just made for too long a podcast. That episode will be available Wednesday.

Today’s closing song: Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

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