Gayle Ruzicka: Women’s Voices will Always Be Heard, Even if they Don’t Run (Video)

President of the Eagle Forum, Gayle Ruzicka, spoke with Utah Political Capitol soon after the legislature gaveled out sine die. She spoke of the Eagle Forum’s success (including ultimately adding an amendment to HB 286 – Child Sexual Abuse Amendments that would require an opt-in program rather than an opt-out program), shortcomings, and gave her thoughts on women in politics.

If you are unable to view the video above, click here for the direct link.

2 Replies to “Gayle Ruzicka: Women’s Voices will Always Be Heard, Even if they Don’t Run (Video)

  1. gayle ruzicka: i watched with interest on fox 13 news last night 2/16/15,where you mentioned to leave the zion curtains alone, why, i know because you was raised in a very stick home, where,if even so much as where’s my bra, these words were unspoken in the household. mom didn’t talk to dad about there daughters periods or any thing womenly. lady, wake up its the 21st century, not the 15th. if it bothers you so bad, go live the in sahara desert. then nothing will be discussed ever, i don’t know whom were protecting, perhaps it the adults themselves. get a life. you of all people have probably never stepped in a bar. i bet you don’t even go down the soda isle’s and across from that sits the beer for sale. what is your problem. kids are smarter than most adults. they know what goes on with the beer in the fridge. or whiskey in the cupboard. wake up your too hoity toity,

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